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Monday, August 19, 2013

Your eyes and your class; ProfHacker

There are some good blogs and web sites about teaching, and I'll discuss one of them from time to time in Grazing.

ProfHacker is produced by a team of faculty from a number of different colleges for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  The August 19 entry offers useful tips for how to look at your class, based on which of your eyes is dominant (are you more likely to notice what's going on to your right, or to your left? And, once you discover which eye is dominant, how might you adjust?)

Many ProfHacker contributions have to do with practical suggestions for using technology tools in your research (e.g., managing bibliography, visualization) and also in your teaching.

I use a web site called Feedly so that I can see new Prof Hacker entries, and other useful blog posts, as they appear. (I learned about Feedly from ProfHacker.)